2013 National Scout Jamboree

Welcome to the BIG ZIP!

At the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, some of the Scouts had the opportunity to ride the BIG ZIP. The BIG ZIP consists of 5 parallel zip lines which span 3100 feet in length and drop riders approximately 360 feet to the lowest point in the catenary curve.

Check out the links below to learn more about the BIG ZIP:

If a Scout got to ride the BIG ZIP on day 1 then it was their turn to become the scientist! Using one of the recommended smart phone apps or a GPS unit, each scout measured their actual maximum speed while riding the zip line. Then, by visiting the Science Behind the Sport tent at the bottom of the BIG ZIP they helped us derive the ‘loss’ factor that is unique to this zip line. Once our calculations were complete, each Scout got to plot their personalized data point on the graph found within the Science Behind the Sport tent.

Using the data collected on day 1, all other Scouts were challenged with working though the equations to predict their maximum speed before their ride. To check accuracy, they downloaded one of the suggested smartphone apps to measure their actual maximum speed so they could compare it to that predicted.

Each of the 2,300 Scouts that participated in this activity received the WVU The Science Behind Zip Lines card along with the official WVU Science Behind Zip Lines button!

Mobile Apps

Suggested apps to measure your maximum speed while riding the BIG ZIP:

Road Bike App
Runtastic Road Bike

Sports Tracker App
Sports Tracker